IFBC 2014 Seattle!

IFBC 2014 Seattle

Excited to announce I’m attending the conference again this year!  Last year was soooo much fun, and a great network experience.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again this year.


Some of my best experiences from the show!


Final Recap IFBC 2013 Post #3

Wow, its been a couple weeks since the conclusion of the #IFBC 2013 conference and I’m still getting swag and gifts. Several days ago, I opened my email to find out that I’d won an Anolon 10.5 inch skillet…  Excited to try out my new skillet for the upcoming holidays!

I also email for my free 3-day cleanse of Suja Cold-Pressed Juices. I had sent a follow up email to let them know I had a nut allergy and would like a replacement for the Vanilla Cloud. The lovely lady at Suja, sent me an email back saying she had included 3 extra green juices for me in my shipment. AWESOME!!!

While gifts and swag have been great, my final take away from the conference was a renewed realization that there are LOTS of blogging people out there that are just as passionate about great food as me!!!  This, chatting, sharing stories, learning new things, passing food is what I most LOVED about #IFBC 2013

As Dorie Greenspan says, love what you do and keep saying “yes”!!!

Thanks to all my new friends that I got to meet @foodwanderings  @fervent_foodie @Jwlucasnc @HipFoodieMom1 @gottagetbaked @Julie_ketchup just to name a few!

I can’t wait to see you all again next year #IFBC2014



Storyville Coffee Preview IFBC Post #2

This morning as a preview before the opening of #IFBC I attended a pre-opening of Storyville Coffee, http://www.storyville.com/  Located on the upper level across the street from Pikes Place Market. I was first struck by the warmth of the space, reclaimed woods, exposed lighting and fireplace made for a super cozy atmosphere.

I ordered a Macchiatto, and Goat Cheese & Peppered Strawberry Puff. The Macchiatto had nicely balanced flavors and not too strong. All of their coffee beans are shipped from their original roasting house on Bainbridge Island. The breakfast pastries both sweet and savory, as well as a line of desserts are all made from scratch on site.  This was exciting for me to find out as I feel like a lot of coffee shops miss the mark when it comes to their pastry selection. My only complaint was my Strawberry Puff which had a lovely flavor and well balanced, was under cooked and doughy on the bottom.  This would not prevent me from giving them another try, which I plan to do on Sunday morning.

All in all, awesome location and super cozy atmosphere. If you down at the market seek them out.  Storyville, opens to the public on October 1st 2013.



Upcoming events; Seattle IFBC 2013

I’ve been absent for a while as I get resettled into a new home, new job and unpacking.  As many of you know I recently returned to Seattle, WA. The past couple months have been crazy, packing and moving and then finding a new place here and getting settled.

With the summer coming to an end here; I want to tell you about an event that I’m excited to be a part of happening in Seattle.

  IFBC 2013 is happening Sept. 20-22nd. For those that don’t know this is a food bloggers conference.  This will be my first conference and I’m excited to meet a great group of people (we have been chatting on Facebook for several months about the conference)  I feel like I already have some friends!!! 

Several events that I’m looking forward to for the show are;

Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani.  I had the chance to meet Andrew and what a great guy.  He is an excellent teacher and very in depth. More tips from him is always a good thing!!!

Keynote Speaker; Dorie Greenspan

I have several of her books and am excited as a pastry professional to meet her. Hmmm, I wonder if she will be sharing any cookies with us from http://beurreandsel.com/  at the conference? One can hope!

Swag; so I’ve been reading about all the goodies that are given out at the show.  I’m very interested to see what will be showcased and presented for us. It’s always fun to try new foods and products.

As I get ready for the show please follow me her at my blog.

Also, on twitter @sweetchefgirl

I will be updating from the show as its in progress.

Happy weekend everyone!


Bing Cherries!

Bing Cherries!

One week later, cocoa pod is dryi g out.

One week later, cocoa pod is dryi g out.


Fresh Cocoa Pods!

Well last week I got the opportunity to finally hold a fresh cocoa pod.  You see, a student at school came to me and wanted to make her own chocolate.  I gave her some pointers and started doing some research.  Long story short, I found a YouTube video where the guy had ordered a couple fresh cocoa pods.  He linked the site to his page so I thought YES!  I’ll order a couple fresh to show to my students.

Tuesday I split open the big one so everyone could see the inside.  We got to see how soft the beans are before they are roasted.  The smaller one I’m going to let dry out as a “show and tell” for future students.

Pretty exciting day at school!!!

Fresh cocoa pod!!! Cool:)

Fresh cocoa pod!!! Cool:)


Some recent shots from my last trip to Seattle

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